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Part-time Ministry Report

Since its inception in May 2018, the Association of United Church Clergy (aUCC) has heard a range of concerns that continue to grow in number and scope regarding part-time ministry.  We have now completed a report looking into the trials and possibilities associated with this ever-increasing trend.

Report Highlights

 Part-time Trend

54% of all vacancies are part-time resulting in increasing concern for clergy about their employment and financial security

Alternative Models

Offering alternative models to the "Sunday-by-Sunday" model may widen conversations and possibilities as CoF consider part-time

Part-time Possibilities

Revisioning of part-time ministry could mean something other than “full time ministry lite.”

Full Report 

The full report can be downloaded here.

We offer this report for wider distribution to all levels of the church.  If you serve or supervise a community of faith in part-time ministry, or are part of one that is considering it, take a look at this report for recommendations, warnings, suggestions and possibilities.  

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