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As clergy we often experience a deep loneliness within our callings. While we know we are not alone, we can feel like we are walking a lonely road – often working in almost empty buildings, sometimes with little or no support (staff or otherwise), taking on the cares and concerns of our congregants and communities while having few outlets for our own fears. The association is your sanctuary.
We understand that as people of faith we were created to be in community. We offer a variety of opportunities and resources for you to connect with colleagues for support, conversation, specially focussed small groups on your needs as well as provide fellowship and community building. We are not alone, and your association is here to be your community of care.  


Your association is committed to creating a safe place for its members to share their concerns and experiences in ministry.

While we do not offer personal advocacy support, we listen carefully  and advocate to the wider church our members shared interests in a unified voice. 

Our advocacy ranges from workplace issues to the overall spiritual, mental and physical well-being of clergy. It is not uncommon for clergy to find themselves in the midst  of various forms of conflict or confusion and this is a place for you to share, discuss and reflect on your experience as we all work together to create a healthy and life-giving professional experience.

Although we cannot offer legal advice we can provide you with legal information and are committed to helping you navigate the polity and processes of the Office of Vocations while also providing members access to a variety of tools in our resource section.


Clergy are by nature and by calling, care-givers in the name of Christ. As “givers” we need regular opportunities to be renewed in mind, body and spirit in order to be effective in ministry.  

We continue to live in a time of huge upheaval within our church and society and it is critical that we create moments for renewal.

Your association provides opportunities and resources for you to find a place and space to be re-created, to grow spiritually and be able to engage in ministry with renewed hope, love and health. The association is your sanctuary for being renewed.


Lifelong learning is essential for healthy clergy.  Developing our skills, awareness and learning new practices is a requirement if we are to remain competent in ministry. Often, it seems, we struggle to find opportunities for education which meet our needs, are cost effective and close to home. Your association is committed to supporting professional growth through our annual regional event, practical workshops designed for your needs and a host of learning opportunities we will share with you from the wider church. Have a suggestion? Share it with us! 

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